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Jason Gaber and his father, Steve (Gaber), founded Mt. Baker Mining and Metals (MBMM) in 2010. Jason was working at the Lone Jack gold mine, a small-scale operation in the North Cascades, and wanted to mill ore at the mine site. Unable to find industrial grade machinery at a reasonable price, they set out to build their own.

Leveraging Steve’s 35 years of experience as an engineer and Jason’s background as a geophysicist and hard rock miner, they designed and built a prototype ore processing system using a unique shaker table designed for maximum recovery of fine gold. MBMM was born as a business to meet demand created when word of the Gaber’s ingenuity spread throughout the small-scale mining community and grew to include jaw crushers, hammer mills, and full turn-key integrated equipment systems. 

MBMM grew quickly and enjoys a world-wide reputation for reliability as an American manufacturer of high-quality material reduction and concentrating equipment. Customers in the small scale mining, printed circuit board recycling, scrap metal, and concrete/granite recycling industries have great success with MBMM machines. Behind each piece of machinery manufactured by Mt. Baker Mining and Metals is a team ready to exceed customer expectations with integrity, performance and value.

Jason gaber - owner/founder

Jason Gaber - Mt. Baker Mining & Metals

Jason Gaber is the co-founder of Mt. Baker Mining & Metals. He’s also the voice and face of our YouTube channel, providing viewers and customers with all the crushing, grinding, milling and equipment information they could want. Our global sales have taken Jason around the world to share MBMM customer successes, most recently to Africa, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, France, and Poland, where they got great video footage!

From a life-changing trip to the Lone Jack Mine in the Pacific Northwest with his father at the age of 17, Jason has embraced and tackled mining operational concerns. Together with his father, Steve, they have solved issues of environmental and human safety, equipment design, ore classification, efficiency, and mine profitability for small-scale miners around the world. After graduating from Western Washington University with a degree in Geophysics, Jason worked with a four-man team at an underground, narrow quartz vein gold mine for four seasons. In the off-season, Jason and his father tackled scrap metal, specifically copper wire, designing and implementing a unique wire-cleaning processor that gleaned 100,000 pounds of clean copper chops in 6 months, a feat that had never been accomplished at this particular scrap yard. 

Jason’s favorite moments are experimenting with equipment and materials that need to be crushed, shredded, milled or mauled, and has made hundreds of videos of these tests. This experimentation is how we know our MBMM jaw crushers and hammer mills can take everything from doorknobs to toilets, sheet rock to radiators, bones to bullets, and reduce them to customer specifications; it is also how Jason has become a YouTube star in his own right. 


Steve Gaber - Kenya

Steve Gaber is the backbone of process and form for each Mt. Baker Mining & Metals machine. After 35 years in the field of consulting engineering for industry, and many years as a patented inventor, Steve decided to forego retirement and co-founded MBMM with his son Jason in 2010. Steve’s enjoyment of refining and perfecting equipment to express “elegant design” can be seen in the hard work put into MBMM machinery, where function and form meet to create equipment that performs even better than anticipated. His first experience with gold mining was in 1969 with weekend stream dredging, which was expanded in 1980 by joining an investment group that re-opened the legendary Lone Jack gold mine. 

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